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Niet alleen je eigen haar maar ook een haarverlenging heeft onderhoud nodig. Dit zijn onze must-do's om zolang mogelijk plezier te hebben van jouw haarverlenging.



Waxing is a way to keep your skin elastic and smooth… Our SPA & skin care salon has always focused on providing an excellent experience for while doing that and we use only the best products for this…

Onderhoud haarstuk


While everyone knows, that having a regular facial skin care session is vital for keeping up with your health and keeping your look fresh and young, we know it better, than anybody else in Orlando!

Onderhoud weften


Besides providing regular face & body skin care and a range of other SPA services, we have a separate medical SPA range as well… These include chemical peeling, laser hair removal and many other services…

Hair Expressions luxury brush


Massages have always been a part of any essential SPA range of services… Besides providing a great stress relief and a profound level of relaxation, massages are also proven to be good for your health!

Body treatments


Treating your body with care and love is an essential way to stay looking young, to keep your skin radiantly fresh and healthy…

Our cosmetologists and aestheticians will be helping you!

Feet treatments


Our vast team of cosmetologists and aestheticians will provide an ultimate, SPA-induced services for refreshing your health and enhancing the overall aesthetic look…

Hands treatments


While hands and nails care is usually restricted to just a few services, we’ve got a wide selection of various pedicure methods, just as well as the overall hands skin care treatments…Here’s a list of those…

Gentlemen’s services


We’re proud to be the only SPA & wellness salon in Orlando, that takes men’s growing interest in SPA seriously… We have the widest range of men-oriented skin care procedures in the whole state...